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Becky and Julio Soto

Sarah Grady Ackerman interviews Becky and Julio Soto about how God changed their lives with a miraculous financial blessing.

Sarah:  In April of 2008, Becky Soto headed to Havana, Florida to hear Pastor (Richard) Ledford preach at a tent revival service.  That night Pastor Ledford felt led to give an assignment for those in financial need.

Becky:  Basically he just said, “Go home and write all your bills, write a check for every single bill that you owe.  Don’t sign it.  Just write the bill and anoint each check.

Sarah:  The next morning, Becky wrote out seven checks and told no one, not even her husband Julio.  Less than two weeks later the phone rang. 

Becky:  I get a call.  My niece goes, “I need to talk to you.”  So I went over.

Sarah:  Becky niece said God gave her a command.

Becky:  He said, “Pay Becky’s debt.”  She’s like, “What?”  “Pay Becky’s debt.”  “But what do you mean?” she goes.  “She’ll know.  She’ll tell you.” 

Sarah:  Becky says her niece then told her to go home and write out all of her bills. 

Becky:  And I said, “I already have that.  I’m ready.  I’m ready to receive that because I’ve done that.” 

Sarah:  Becky then added everything up for her niece.

Becky:  And it came out to $27,249, and she wrote me a check, and on the check she wrote, “Silver and gold are the Lord’s.” 

Sarah:  More than $27,000 had just been given to the Sotos, a family of four that admits was barely getting by.  Unaware of how this all happened, Julio was a little hesitant, and not too willing to take money from his niece.

Julio:  And I kept saying, “What are you talking about?  Are we talking about a loan or something?”  And she said, “No, no.”

Sarah:  Becky explained about the tent revival, Dr. Ledford, the checks, and her niece’s conversation with God.  Julio realized declining the money would be an act of disobedience.  It was a perfect blessing…a blessing too big for words…

Sarah:  The Sotos believe this is just the beginning of the blessing for their family as well as Christian Heritage Church as a whole.

Becky:  This was…it’s amazing.  God is good all the time.  It’s just amazing!

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