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Chris Morgan

My name is Chris Morgan, and I was born in Sarasota, Florida. The kind of environment I grew up in actually was pretty spiritual.  My parents are both pretty strong Christians.  I was raised as a Christian.

As far as the church we were involved in, we kind of hopped around from churches a lot, kind of critiquing each one that we went to saying, you know, they didn’t really fit us; which, I guess for me, at least, I think it kind of put me off of the whole church idea.

So I think it was easy for me, then, to start slipping away, which I did around the age of ten.  I started to experiment with drinking.  Closely after that was when I started to experiment with smoking pot.  Closely after that other drugs and, you know, by the end of middle school I was getting into a pretty wide variety of drugs for someone who’s 13 years old.  Nothing really big happened.  It was just something me and my buddies did on the weekend.

In high school I guess I just pretty much just boozed a lot.  Smoked a lot of pot, but it was fine because I was making good grades.  I got a full ride to Florida State.  So I didn’t see anything wrong.  The world didn’t see anything wrong.

Yet, obviously there was something, there was something there that wasn’t right.

So I went up college, joined a fraternity in college.  I was a Sig Ep at Florida State University.  I was making good grades.  I had a good job.  I had money.  Nothing wrong.

But then you look back and I was being consistently arrested from age 15 to 20.  Racked up about eight arrests.  Crashed three cars.  Burnt a lot of relationships.  But everything was fine ‘cause I had a good job, made good grades, and I had money.

And then, about age 20, a couple fraternity brothers asked me to go to an Easter service with them.  And I decided, you know, I got nothing else to do, might as well go check it out.

So, went with them down to First Baptist downtown, which was okay with me because it was right by Po’ Boys, so I figured we’d go out to eat afterwards, and at the time I was thinking, you know, I’ll go grab a beer afterwards.

So I went there and man, it was like Dr. Dortch, the preacher over there, was just looking at me and speaking directly to me.  I felt like his sermon was directed towards me.  It was Easter Sunday.  He started to bring up some subjects that sort of hit some spots with me.

So, I figured something was going on and God was trying to tell me something.  And so I cracked open the Bible and began to read the Old Testament.  And you know after reading that for a little bit I was like, “Man, this doesn’t apply to me.  It’s talking about killing sheep and sacrificing pigeons.” 

I told my dad that.  I told him what I was going through, kind of the walk of my life I was in, and I didn’t think the Bible applied to me so I was going to search out some other religions also.  And he said, “That’s great.  Look into whatever you want, but why you don’t you try reading the New Testament for me?”

So I was like, “Alright, I’ll do that.”  I looked into some other religions, too, and then I cracked open the New Testament, started at Matthew. 

And then I started reading and, it was talking about me in there – living in sin, being of the world.  The situations that were described in there, even though they were 2,000 years ago, it was exactly the kind of situations I was dealing with in my life.

I think at the point of my life when I was reading the New Testament at age 20 was a point where I know I needed a savior.  I had nights and times alone that were just dark, and you felt the void of life.  So I knew I needed a savior then.

I was moved.  There’s no other way to put it.  Indescribable.  I was living in the fraternity house at the time.  I got on my knees and broke down and asked God to come into my life and to take control of my heart – admitted that I needed a savior and that Jesus Christ was my savior, and wanted to be a changed man.

That day I just sat in awe for a while after that happened, as I’m sure other people can testify – the feeling that overcomes you was just amazing. 

I was excited about the changes that were going to happen.  And so it was a long walk.  It wasn’t like all of a sudden it was a snap of the fingers and “Alright, I’m changed!”

Things just started to turn around.  People were seeing a change in my attitude, the way I treated people, the way I approached situations.

One night of partying might make me happy for that night.  The next day I would wake up and, you know, I’d be down in the dumps.  Whereas, I have joy.  It was joy, it wasn’t happiness.  It was something which I could differentiate, which was cool. 

You know, obviously, there are still ups and downs.  And so now, when I’m in a “down” I don’t go and drown it away at happy hour.  Instead I go and pray with one of my Christian brothers about it and, lo and behold, He comes through.

So I think it’s really, as far as how “Christ changed my life” – it’s how He’s changing my life.  And I just pray that He will continue to do it.

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