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Jackie Kinsey

Hi, I’m Jackie Kinsey.

I’m a mother.  I have five sons.  Married to my husband for 37 years. 

I was raised by two wonderful parents.  They didn’t know a lot about the Lord, but they had friends that invited them to the Baptist Church, and they took my two sisters and my brother and I, mainly on Christmas and Easter.

I would go as a small girl.  I wanted to go to Sunday School, so I would walk to church.  I was saved when I was six.  I went down for the first time to the altar when they had the call.  Brother Lindsey was our pastor, and he said he doesn’t normally take that small of a child but because I said I loved Jesus he said that he would baptize me.

We moved from that nice little church in Miami, Florida (South Miami) to Hollywood, Florida.  I would find a bus, a church bus (I saw one coming through the neighborhood), and I’d get on the church bus and go to the church.  Usually they were Baptist churches.  The Baptists were wonderful about having outreach for youth.

I would go to whatever church I could find, really.  A couple of churches I didn’t even know what denomination they were, because I just loved the Lord and I assumed that all Christians were the same. 

Anyway, I grew up.  We moved to North Florida when I was 14.  I had typical teenage years.  Some was good.  Some wasn’t too good.  But nothing real wild. 

But still loved the Lord.  Still went to church.  I always loved Brother Billy Graham.  All through my teenage years I would cry and he would offer the invitation for salvation and I would go to my television and I would cry and I would always pray that prayer.  And never really sure of the salvation.  You know, I never really knew because it seemed like you couldn’t live up to it.

Met my husband in high school.  We got married while he was in college.  When we got married I would say we were equally yoked.  He was raised in the Baptist Church, and his mother was a Christian and took her children to church.

You never really understand salvation for a long time.  A lot of times people don’t understand what it is.  And you’re not sure, but you think you are because you were baptized.  But as you get older, or I guess as you get more in the Word I should say…that there’s more to it than just baptism.

I sat under people that could not explain faith and salvation.  It seemed to be some way out thing that you might obtain, but you’re never sure.  So for years I struggled, all through my teenage years, because whenever I did something wrong I would think I lost it.

Anyway, well we were going along, raising our children.  And then I began to work with a lady at the Department of Labor, and there was a lady there named Francis Berry.  She began a Bible study at work, and we all went to the Bible study.  It was on Tuesdays.  It was a group of us that came from the state offices, and we would meet at this church down the road, and had a Bible study at noon.

She opened up the Word to us and made it alive and real.  The thing that I had gone after all my life just seemed to come alive.  She taught us out of a book by E.W. Kenyon.  The first chapter was called “The Integrity of the Word.” 

Then, as the Word was unfolded and we learned about First John 1:9, that it was speaking to Christians.  “If you sin.  If you come short, then you can go to the Lord.  You can ask Him for forgiveness, and He’s just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.”

One time I was struggling in a family affair.  What was going on was so bad, and it seemed like it was going to tear us all apart.  It was my husband’s family and I remember laying in bed and just crying.

I was crying.  My husband was asleep beside me and I slipped off the bed, down at the foot of the bed – cried out to God – and I remember hearing a voice that said, “I will defend you.”  It was just as clear…I turned, I looked for a person.  I heard a man’s voice, “I will defend you.”  I swung around.  I looked.  I didn’t see anybody, and then I knew it was the voice of the Lord Jesus.

And then I found out later, when I began to really study the Word, that He is our advocate.  He is our lawyer.  He can defend me.  And He said those words to me, “I will defend you.” 

I’ve never forgot that.  He completely turned things around.  It turned me around.  It put such a joy in my heart. 

And I’ve heard that statement, “One word from God can change your whole life.” 

That changed my life.

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