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Joseph and Shakinah Russell

Sarah Grady Ackerman interviews Joseph and Shakinah Russell about how God changed their lives with a miraculous financial blessing.

Sarah:  In early 2008, Joseph Russell told his wife, Shakinah, God said it was time to return to Tallahassee, and Christian Heritage Church.

Shakinah:  God had spoke to him in a dream before we left.

Sarah:  So they left Georgia and headed back to Florida’s capital city, knowing they would have no place to stay.  The family of five ended up here, at the Hope community, a shelter for homeless families.  Shakinah had to be strong as her own family urged her to leave Joseph. 

Shakinah:  But I couldn’t just let finances cause my whole family to be destroyed.  I know my God, and I know that finance and material things God can give.

Sarah:  Shortly after arriving in Tallahassee, Joseph found work with a former boss.  They quickly developed a father-son relationship.

Joseph:  He was just blessing me left and right, and listen, I know it was favor from God.

Sarah:  And Joseph returned that favor by giving his 87-year-old boss David the greatest gift of all.

Joseph:  I said, “You know, David, unless you come to God through Jesus Christ, there’s no other way.”  And at 87 he said, me and him sat at his house, and he confessed Jesus Lord and Savior of his life. 

Sarah:  Little did Joseph know it would be just weeks later he would be the only one sitting at David’s bedside as he went to be with the Lord the morning of Father’s Day.

Joseph:  When he died, I know where he went.  He went to heaven. 

Sarah:  But David did have one last gift for Joseph. 

Shakinah:  He left us with everything.

Sarah:  In his will, David had left Joseph and his formerly homeless family four homes, three properties, and other valuables. 

Joseph:  It was just like…a blessing that…beyond my understanding.  But I give Him the glory and the honor.  That’s why I think we should be praising and worshipping Him…

Shakinah:  We feel mighty in God for what He is doing, and that now He can get the glory.  That’s what our life’s about.  It’s not about…if it would have been about me, I couldn’t have stood.  If it was about him, he couldn’t have stood.  It has to be all about God.

Sarah:  And now, with a heart for the homeless, Joseph says there’s no question he will use this blessing to bless others. 

Joseph:  My life, compared to the life of Joseph, and God blessed Joseph, going to Genesis back there, you know God positioned him in a place that he could bless the nation, with the dreams and the vision and a lot of these things happened to him.  Through my dreams and things that I see, I already know the purpose of what that blessing is for.  It’s not just for us only, but to share.

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