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Leslie Liedy

Hi, my name is Leslie Liedy. I grew up in a Christian home, I gave my heart to the Lord at a very young age, and I was baptized at eleven. My entire childhood I went through years of counseling for severe separation anxiety and, strangely enough, one of my biggest fears as a child was that my mother would die.

Pretty much life had been really good, and then all that changed when I was fifteen. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. She went through treatment, chemotherapy, and then she started having difficulty breathing. They weren’t really sure why, and did a bunch of tests. It turns out it was just metastasized cancer to her lungs and liver.

I think in her heart of hearts she knew that the end was not going to be what we would hope for. And I remember saying to her, I remember saying; “Well Mom, Jesus can heal you.” And she said. “Well Leslie, yeah He can, but if He doesn’t, He’ll take care of you.”

I remember lying in bed one night, I was at my pastor’s house, we stayed with my pastor for several weeks during that time, and just really pouring my heart out to God. My mother was probably just a few days away from her death, and I just really remember just laying there and feeling like it should all be a bad dream. This woman who was so Christ loving, she was a teacher, she was a friend, she was a mother, a daughter, and we were on the brink of losing her and I just felt like I didn’t know how I was going to cope.

So I just really poured my heart out to God, I said, “You know God I don’t know how I can, I can’t even comprehend this, so I don’t know how I’ll be able to deal with it.” And I did, I just poured my heart out to God and I said; “I need You right now. I need You to come and I need You to give me comfort.” And He really did. He just met me there and just gave me an amazing peace that night there in the bed.

I think that was really a turning point in my walk with Him because although I had been saved at a young age I hadn’t really felt that I needed Him. And so, it was that point that He really met me and that it really became a relationship with Him.

I have faced many struggles and heartache but I just have faced all those things since that first event in my life, where it really came to be a relationship with Him, I’ve just faced them knowing that no matter what happens to me, through the joys and through the heartaches that He’s there with me. And that was just another example of where God just really gave my family, gave my father, and gave me peace that really only He can give.


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