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Michael Burns

I’m Michael Burns.  I was raised in Thomasville, Georgia.  My mother was a school teacher.  My father was a general surgeon. 

I was 18 when my mother died with cancer.  I was hurt.  I was in a debate with God.  I didn’t understand because I never saw my mother sick a day in her life, then all of a sudden she’s taken from me, from sickness.

I was upset spiritually, you know, I questioned God.  I said, “Lord, why this?  Why are you taking her from me?”

I was taking it personally, not realizing that God was bigger just me, you know, it wasn’t about me.  It was about His divine will.  But it took me some time to learn that. 

I strayed as far as, you know, partying with kids, doing certain things, but I had somebody like a guardian angel always watching me because, literally, me driving down the road 80 miles an hour in a 45 mile zone…and I saw that one day I had a nail in my tire and I could have had a blow out, and realized it was a spiritual being looking after me. 

So I kept a close contact….with Him growing up. 

People always said “You’re going to be preaching or something one day.”  I didn’t believe it.  I said, “I’m not going to be in nobody’s pulpit!” 

But everything that I went through – and me pastoring now – it’s situations I deal with in my church. 

A recent testimony…I was diagnosed with kidney failure.  I went in there for a check-up and didn’t realize what was going on and they said, “Your kidney’s not filtering like it should.” 

It hurt me, because I knew that I had been faithful to what I thought I was supposed to have been doing.  And I told God, “I’ve done what You asked me to do.  Why me?”  The Spirit dealt with me and said, “Why not you?  You are my spokesman.”

I got a kidney transplant, which ended up being very successful.  But how many people’s lives have been changed through my surgery. 

Even my sister, who donated me the kidney, for the first two years on dialysis she kept trying to say, “Mike, I want to donate a kidney.”  I wouldn’t do it because she’s my only sister, and I already lost my mother and father, and I didn’t want her to go through that, but she kept saying, “You’re stopping my blessing.  I need to do this.”

So in the second year I submitted.  After a couple weeks she was out and went back to her church and she had 45 come down to join.  She called me and said, “Brother, I told you, we’re being blessed, even through it all.”

And I’m sitting up in a hospital bed, and I was able to save one of the nurse’s marriage that was having problems.  Her husband came and said, “I’d like to meet you, because I’ve never seen my wife come back home in such high spirits!”

You know, even on my bed, what I said, “My death bed,” God still was working.  And one of the biggest blessings, my surgery was $186,000, and only $27 came out of my pocket.  He provided money to pay, everything else got paid, and that was tremendous.  That was tremendous.  People donated.  You know the Bible said, “People would give unto your bosom.”  People donated funds.  I mean that’s everything from the surgery to driving back and forth to Atlanta to medication, everything. 

The way that I would sum everything else up is, “Trust God, even when it don’t make sense.”  It’s the term I use.  The prophet Elijah – God told Elijah to do something – he told him to go to the brook but the brook dried up.  But God had sent him there.  He didn’t understand why, but he still blessed. 

So anything that you are going through in your life now, He is preparing you for a bigger picture.  Don’t think about yourself, but think about building God’s kingdom.  If you stay focused on that all your situations will be taken care of.

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