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Michaela Barone

Sarah Grady Ackerman interviewed Michaela Barone at Christian Heritage Church in June 2008.

(May 2008 – Michaela Barone was 27 weeks pregnant.)

I had just, you know, when you go you automatically tell the nurse or the doctor what your symptoms are, at that time during your trimester and pregnancy.  And so I had been telling her that I’d been having this really horrible pain that sat right above my stomach. 

So they went and did an ultrasound, and they said that I had a tumor the size of a navel orange sitting right where the baby was, and that he was actually kicking on it.  And that’s what was causing me so much pain. 

It was in a benign stage, but that it could effect me having to be able to, you know – they would take the baby early – the baby being born premature, which at the time that they were saying his lungs probably were not fully developed.

And I sat there and I just said, “Lord, whatever it is that they’re saying that I have, just let it be gone.  Remove it from my body.”

I actually came to prayer that night, and once I came to prayer that night, I talked with several of the ladies, and we prayed together and, you know, we just went over some Scriptures and some things and at that moment I knew that I was healed.

And I got up and I walked to my car and I didn’t feel any pain.  And when I laid down that night I didn’t feel any pain, and I just said, I just kept thanking God.  I said, “I know that You’ve healed me.” 

And so I went to the doctor about a week or two later.  And the specialist looked, and they were looking at me funny.  And the nurse said, “Well, hold on.  I’m going to get the doctor to come back in here because I don’t see anything.”

And he said, “Well, maybe, hold on, I’m going to make sure this ultrasound machine is working good.”  And he looked at the machine and, you know, tested it out.  And he did a deeper scan to make sure that the baby was not in front of it.  And he said, “Well, you’re lucky because I don’t see anything.” 

To say the words that, God has healed me from a tumor – it meant something greater than anything that could have, you know, happened, because I know that not only did He heal me from a tumor, but through me He’s going to be able to show somebody else that whatever sickness you’re going through, that it’s gone.  That you’re alive. That you’re living.  And that through the power and the blood of Jesus Christ, that anything is possible.  That no matter what any doctor tells you, or anything that man says, it doesn’t matter because the final word is up to Him


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