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Rebecca Engelbrecht

Hi, my name is Rebecca Engelbrecht, and I was actually born as Rebecca Ramm to Ramon and Ava Ramm in Tallahassee, Florida.  And I was actually born and raised in Tallahassee for my whole life.

I grew up in a Christian home, in church, and my parents actually sent my brother and I both to North Florida Christian School.  And so I started going to school there when I was three and I went there for 15 years and graduated from there in 1996 as the valedictorian. 

And so, throughout my life, you know I grew up learning about Christianity and the Bible, and it was when I was 12 years old, in school at North Florida Christian, my teacher was reading one of the Frank Peretti books to us.  I can’t remember now which one it was.  But she was reading that to us and I just realized, you know, even at the young age of 12, that I don’t think I ever actually asked Jesus into my heart.  You know, growing up in church, I just kind of thought, well maybe I just am a Christian.  But it was at that point that she was reading that book to us that I realized that I hadn’t actually asked Him myself for that relationship.

So I actually went home that night and prayed the prayer and asked Jesus into my heart.  And not long after that I was baptized at the church I grew up in.

Had a few good years there, but in my teen years I kind of strayed a little and didn’t really fully understand lordship and the relationship part of…being in complete relationship with God.  And so I kind of struggled with some insecurities and thinking I needed a boyfriend all the time and things like that.

And so it was in 1998 when I was in college that I joined a campus ministry.  At the time it was called Morning Star Campus Ministry, or Victory Campus Ministry, which was part of Morning Star, and that church is now called Every Nation Ministries. 

And so I began going there, and it was there that I started understanding discipleship.  And for the first time I had a mentor, a person that was in my life that I could go to and ask questions and really seek advice on life issues and things.

And so it was there that I began to truly understand what it was to have a real relationship with God.  In moving to that church and growing there, it was about seven years after I had started going there that I received the call to go to Scotland. 

It’s funny how it happened.  I had gone out to dinner with a couple of friends and I was just explaining to them how my parents were renovating their upstairs of their house to make room for when my brother comes to visit, because he lives in Alabama.  And they just said, “Well you’re not always going to live here in Tallahassee.”  And I thought, “Well, I don’t know, but that would be nice if I could move somewhere.”

And so it was actually that evening after I had that conversation with them that I went home and I fell asleep.  But it was one of these times where I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning just wide awake.  And, you know, God began dealing with me.  It wasn’t an audible voice, but it was that heart piercing … you know, God was speaking to me.

And He said, “What about Scotland? What about what they said, your friends?  What about what they said, what about Scotland?”  Because one of my other friends had told… we had heard about the Scotland church plant that Every Nation was doing, and she had told me she was going.  And I thought, “Well that’s great for you!”  And this was actually the lady that had mentored me.

Through that God began saying, “Well you know, I’ve called her to go and she is your Naomi, and you’re Ruth and I want you to go with her.”

And so it was through that that God began dealing with me to go help with the church plant in Scotland.

So that is where I am now.  And I originally went over as what they call a “tent maker missionary,” which is someone who goes over and gets a job to be able to help with the church.  Because at the time I wasn’t able to get a minister’s visa or anything like that, so in order to go to the United Kingdom I had to have some kind of visa which, of course, was a work permit for me.

And so in the two years that I’ve been there I worked with children at a preschool.  And this past year I spent earning a Master’s Degree in publishing, because I have a desire to write some really good Christian children’s books as well.

So after I was finished with my Master’s program, I was praying about the next step, and that’s when God just really began dealing with me about becoming a fulltime missionary to reach out to the children of Edinburgh.

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