About Us

by Doug Apple

I love the idea of recording people’s testimonies!  To me it is a winner on so many levels.

Most people don’t get the chance to share publicly what God has done for them.  And when they do it is rarely recorded.  Eventually these stories are lost forever.  Most family members don’t even know what the Lord has done in the lives of those closest to them.

At Testify Tallahassee we want to capture these stories once and for all.

Our main goal is to give God all the glory and the credit He deserves for the great things He has done.  When these stories go untold, credit is not given where credit is due.  We hope to remedy that.

Another important goal is to inspire people with the knowledge that what God has done for someone else, He can do for them.  These are true stories of relationships restored, souls saved, addicts delivered, hearts mended and sins forgiven.

I also like the idea of capturing stories for posterity.  Our great-grandchildren will be able to hear, in our own words, what God has done in the lives of their great-grandparents, long after we’re dead and gone!  You’ve heard of a living will.  This is much better – a living witness!

Another thing – we don’t want to do this halfway.  We will record these stories to the highest professional audio standards.  We will digitally edit them for clarity and brevity, and produce a final product that will maximize the listening experience. 

How do we decide whose testimony to record?  Everyone has a story to tell, but we can’t get to everyone.  At Testify Tallahassee, our sponsors are Christian leaders in the capital region who have a vested interest in this website.  It is these leaders who point us to the stories that simply must be told.

The Roots of Testify Tallahassee

I have always been interested in people’s stories – especially what happened at major turning points.

I have also always been interested in the audio medium, which explains why I’ve worked in radio for over 20 years, including my current position

My passion is to use creative communications to serve the Lord.  This website is where these three roads meet.

I have recorded testimonies in the past and put them on the radio.  But they would air a few times and then we had to make way for new things. 

The thing about testimonies is that they never get old.  Powerful, true stories are always in demand. 

With this website, we don’t have to dump the old to make way for the new.  Our plan is to continue to add to what I’ve called a “clearinghouse of testimonies,” hopefully numbering even into the thousands someday.

But one thing at a time!  This website is very much a living being, and right now it is in the infant stage and we are trying to teach it to crawl.

So please pray for us as we carry out the mission of Testify Tallahassee.com!



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