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Can you prove God exists?

Skeptics and atheists have asked that question for centuries. What evidence can we offer to back up our claims? Just this, the evidence of lives changed by Jesus Christ.
The purpose of Testify Tallahassee is to share the authentic stories of credible people who report that Jesus Christ is indeed alive and has impacted their life in profound ways.
We invite you to examine the evidence presented in these testimonies, then ask yourself, "Could my life be changed by Jesus Christ?"




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Alexis new
Jo Anne Arnett
James H. Banks Jr.
Michaela Barone (Healing) video
Michaela Barone video
Shelley Bayless
Jim Bennett
Christina Brannon
Michael Burns
Tracey Cochran
Carmen Cummings video
Joy Duperault
Justin Edge
Rebecca Engelbrecht
Cindy Ericks
Dave Fritz
Ellie Geppert
Mark Geppert
Deron Gillespie
Mary Mitchell Goban new
Kathy Hilliard new
Promise Hightower
Dorinda Jeffery
Gary Johnson new
Carolyn King video
Jackie Kinsey
Leslie Liedy new
Shane Little new
Chris Morgan
Jack Morris
Steve Payne new
Melinda Purcell new
Amanda Rankin
Brandon Reinhardt new
Joseph and Shakinah Russell video
John W. Smith Jr.
Becky and Julio Soto video
Derek Steele new
Marty Stubblefield
Dan Tucker
Lakeesha Wallace
Chris Waters
Issac Williams




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